February 26, 2011

Pathway repairs Wyebank

February is drawing to a close and mid week the river was looking in superb condition at Wyebank. I have started work on pathway repairs. The banks are prone to both erosion and the re-depositing of silt. The latter allows recutting and revetting to be done quite successfully without bringing in new materials. Where possible I am trying to do away with steps and replace them with sloping paths, which are generally much easier to maintain.

February 16, 2011

Wyebank and Courtfield fisheries looking glorious

The Wyebank and Courtfield fisheries are looking glorious and at a perfect early spring level for running fish, which will rest along the many pools and runs of these two fisheries. Salmon rods are available and if you are after some fine fly fishing water get in touch as soon as possible in time for the new season on March 3rd.