July 30, 2011

Salmon plenty in Courtfield beat

After years of scarcity we are now seeing salmon all over the place on the Wye. July has seen Courtfield absolutely full of fish. I estimate there was between 60 and 100 fish spread through the beat with good sightings of many grilse as well. I caught a 9lb small summer fish in Legg meadow on the 16th before the river rose and a fish of 10lbs was caught by a salmon rod on the 25th. A good fish leaped clear of the water above the Wyebank crib yesterday while a likely small grilse was lost the day before and very small grilse have been showing along the bottom end of the Wyebank stretch. Our catch of salmon has now risen to a respectable 7 and 1 kelt for Courtfield and Wyebank.

Its early days but I for one feel confident that we are on the cusp of a major turn around, particularly with the evidence of the super small grilse which hopefully will be followed now by grilse of increasing size more typical of the late summer Wye fish.

July 30, 2011

What a month for the Wyebank barbel.

What a month it has been for the Wyebank barbel! While the upper lower Wye and middle river was  difficult for salmon and sometimes slow for coarse fishing, the Wyebank stretch was absolutely magnificent.  Around 230 barbel were caught by 22 fishermen, with weights ranging from less than a pound up to almost 10lbs with several fish breaking tackle and suspected of being in double figures. The quality of the fish has been superb and every  year class is being represented in the catches demonstrating a very healthy population.

That staple of the Wye, the humble chub, has become less desirable for the fishermen. However along with the barbel the Wyebank stretch has produced at least half the above number of chub to magnificent 5 pounders and plenty of 4 pounders. All in all a truly memorable month of fishing with smiles all round.

The Courtfield beat has also seen some stunning catches this month with Kraig Mcleod’s bag including 5 and 6lb chub and two 12lb and an 11lb barbel, Rudi’s 10 and 11lb barbel, while others have had chub pbs of over 6llbs and lots of good barbel. Alan Andrews bag on Wednesday 27th of 10 barbel all around 8lbs and a huge bag of chub to 4lbs plus and Tom Woollerton’s party of which two had 20 barbel, just shows the sort of coarse fishing Courtfield is famous for.

Its official from the WUF that Wyebank and Courtfield have been the best producing coarse fisheries on the river.

July 18, 2011

Dean Macey gets into the Wyebank barbel

Thursday morning 14th July saw Dean Macey doing a feature for TV and Improve Your Coarse Fishing Monthly magazine, on the Wyebank stretch at Lower Lydbrook. Fishing the lower pool from the riffle, where he was wading, with Richard Stewart the photographer on hand beside him, Dean hooked into his first barbel second cast after missing one on the first cast as the pellet sank. From then on Dean had a barbel and the occasional chub on every cast.

Dean said “it was by far the most productive days barbel fishing that Ive ever had”

Meanwhile Ali Hamidi the film producer for Korda  fishing the top end, likewise hooked into a succession of barbel in the 6 to 8lb range to take a total catch in excess of 20 fish.

With a magnificent combined catch of some 50 barbel to 9lbs and significant numbers of fine chub, including a 5 pounder by Richard trotting the Wyebank pool off the crib, the day ended with Dean and Ali agreeing this was their best barbel day ever in the most fantastic and exhilarating swift waters of the Wyebank fishery of the river Wye.

Dean said “it was by far the most productive days barbel fishing that Ive ever had”

Look out for Dean’s feature in Improve Your Coarse Fishing.

July 11, 2011

Perfect early July salmon conditions.

After a coloured rise to 1ft 6″ on Saturday the river at Wyebank is this evening, Monday 11th at a perfect 4″ and with slight colour. This afternoon running salmon were in evidence and numerous small fish, possibly sea trout were making splashy rises. Salmon have been seen in significant numbers throughout Courtfield beat including a possible small shoal of grilse in Legg Meadow pool, which is holding a lot of fish. All in all the river is looking fantastic. There has been quite a lot of foam however, which I assume to be related to run off.

The wharf pool on Wyebank is at perfect pace and area at 4″ for fly fishing for salmon.

It is proving to be an exceptional season in all sorts of ways – the mayfly is STILL hatching and in sufficient numbers to induce rises. In fact the odd trout now seem to have got fixed on this delicacy.