October 24, 2011

Shaun Hodges of Hinders leash of 10lb barbel

Tuesday the 18th October was one of the last days for memorable catches, with Wyebank producing a good bag for Adriano Mercato and friend, including barbel to 8lb plus and chub to 6.25 lbs and Courtfield producing a good bag of barbel and a great get together for Dean Macey, Les Westbeach, Nigel Botherway and Shaun Hodges.

Shaun, the manager of tackle shop Hinders of Swindon took the day with three consecutive ten pound barbel at 10lbs, 10lb 4oz and 10lb 8oz. These were caught on Hinders Blitz boilies wrapped in Blitz paste with Hinders Barbel Bomb in the feeder, proving in Nigel Botherway’s words that Hinders of Swindon “sell the best barbel bait known to man.”

10lb 8oz Barbel

Another beautiful 10lb plus fish

The third of the 10lb plus Barbels

After a fantastic run of doubles over the past few weeks it looks like the barbel fishing is winding down now.

October 21, 2011

Dean, Ali and Richard on the River

Dean Macey, Ali Hamidi and Richard Stewart had a day on both Wyebank and Courtfield as part of a feature for TV for Improve your Coarse Fishing Magazine.  In Dean’s own words  “it was by far the most productive days barbel fishing that Ive ever had“!

Below are some of the pictures taken by Richard for the magazine article

Ali hooked into a fish

Dean hooked into another!

Bringing a Barbel in

Ali with a lovely fish

Dean with a large chub

Another chub for Dean

Ali with another Barbel!

Dean in amongst the Water Buttercup with a Barbel

October 21, 2011

Peter’s Barbel from Courtfield

In late September Peter Foster and his friend Richard fished Courtfield, the photo is of Peter’s largest Barbel at 10lb 3oz.  Other fish caught that day were, as Peter describes; “I had just the five barbel – three sevens, a 9-11 and the 10-3 – a very good average for the Wye, I would say.  Richard had even more success later in the day at Courtfield”

He added in an email “Just a brief note to show my appreciation for your lovely stretch of river.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day’s fishing, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet you, too.”- Thanks Peter it’s always good to know that people enjoy their fishing on the stretches.

Peter's barbel resting in his net

It is great to have pictures of fish so that they can be seen fully but it is nicer to see the fish back in the water too!

October 21, 2011

Phil’s 10lb 12oz Barbel from Courtfield

This was Phil Brumhills amazing fish from Courtfield, caught mid October 2011

10lb 12 oz Barbel from Courtfield

October 21, 2011

Courtfield Catches, 13th October 2011

Jonathon Avery, his Dad and his boss Dan from Cadbury Angling came and enjoyed the Courtfield water.  Here are some of their catches.

8lb 12oz Barbel

10lb 6oz Barbel

5lb 4oz Chub

Barbel caught on one of the Legg Meadow swims

Another great Barbel

Pike caught on Legg Meadow swim

October 21, 2011

Wyebank Chub and Barbel, July 2011

Mike and Alan Holcombe had a good day on Wyebank beat in late July 2011. He said in an email to us:

“Thanks to you we thoroughly enjoyed two superb evening fishing sessions on your water.  Our total catch for the two short sessions was 14 Barbel to 7lb.4oz., and 6 Chub to 4lb.1oz. “
Below are a few photos of their catches.

Mike's first Barbel from Wyebank

A second barbel for Mike

Evening Barbel

Alan with his Wyebank Barbel

Alan with his second fish

Hooked into a Barbel on the first cast of the evening!

Thanks to Mike and Alan for letting us use their photos.

October 20, 2011

Courtfield Salmon, April 2011

This is Rudi’s Salmon from 5th April 2011. Caught from the boat pool,bottom of steel steps, on a yellow flying C. It was 38″ long and had sea lice.

Spring Salmon from the Courtfield Beat

October 20, 2011

Fish Catches Gallery Update

Over the next few days we will be posting a number of photos of fish catches from this year, this will hopefully go to start a guide to the fish that lie within the Courtfield and Wyebank beats.  Where possible we will include detail of the fish and where they were caught.  Anyone fishing or who has fished on our beats with photos of catches that they are willing to share please do send them in.

October 11, 2011

barbel on

After a couple of lean days on Courtfield and Wyebank and difficult conditions with floating weed at the weekend, which gave even the likes of Ali Hamidi a hard time, today has seen a return to some fantastic fishing. First of all though I must mention Stephen Murdoch’s record for a small barbel, which I am sure he will take in the good vein in which it is meant. Fishing yesterday on his 50th birthday in the hope of “just one barbel” he caught his fish, but it was a mere 5″ long making it the smallest barbel of the year!

Today four rods on Courtfield landed more than 20 barbel between them, two only fishing part of the day. These included three 10 pounders and two at 9lbs 15oz. also a 5lb 4oz  chub. Fishing today was Jonathan Avery of monster catfish fame, who landed the record 8ft 3″ 245lb catfish in Spain on the 29th September. Jonathan has fished Courtfield several times this season and has had great success on every occasion.

October 6, 2011

September big fish review

River levels going up and down by around 1.5 to 2ft early in the month helped the flow conditions and allowed for some interesting fishing, as the previous posts have shown. By the end of the month it was starting to heat up again towards the exceptional short heatwave. This heated the water back up a bit with the warm nights keeping temperatures ideal for the barbel to get well back on the feed.

Some superb barbel have been caught on the Courtfield beat with 8 ten pounders and possibly others. Plenty of 9s and other fish spread throughout the range from a few pounds up. The chub fishing was wonderful early in the month and half a dozen 5s, a couple of 6s and one 7 pounder have been reported.

It is quite evident that the barbel in the 8 lb class back in late June, became the 9s in August and are now the 10s, suggesting around 2lbs of growth through the summer. Much depends on the coming winter flood situation. If it is similar to the last two winters I feel we can hope for a spectacular season next year with an excellent stock of fish which could be pushing 12 to 13 lbs by this time next year.

Health is everything and strong lean river barbel are the mark we are looking for. The excesses of ground baiting, leading to overweight fish with compromised fitness, are now behind us. The WUF letting system with minimum pressure is the perfect formula allowing for stocks of barbel to thrive.

The great barbel nursery of the Wye hereabouts is undoubtedly the shallows below Lydbrook as evidenced by the continuing results from Wyebank. These have continued to be spectacular throughout September, with good catches of barbel from 1.5lbs  to 9lbs. On the 29th a notable catch was made by Simon Eeles’  2 rods who apart from catching 5 barbel in the 5 to 8 lb range had 30 in the 1.5 to 3lb range. As well as excellent barbel fishing several chub over 5lbs and a couple over 6lbs have been caught. The potential of Wyebank’s short stretch was highlighted on Monday the 3rd October by Rudi’s 10lb 14oz barbel

All in all a very satisfactory result. There will be some fine pictures coming soon.