January 18, 2012

Pike now showing

Since my last post on pike it has to be said things have been pretty quiet on the pike fishing front. But then very few people have fished. The river conditions until the middle of last week have been difficult with constantly rising and falling water, which peaked at 13ft. So although we have had plenty of water there still has not been a major flood over the road at Lydbrook, which brings huge sighs of relief to the local residents, but is an event which is happening less frequently in the last few years.

My local friends Gareth and George have given the good pike spots a regular going over during the last fortnight. A fish about 20lb and a 15lb from Legg Meadow and a double from the stream mouth at the Tump have been the best. Gareth, not prone to get excited over anything under 30lbs, let on that they lost a pike which was’nt seen and which felt huge in the depths, when the river was around 6-7ft. This is probably the huge fish which was seen by barbel anglers in the autumn and quite likely the 36lb fish caught by George from Little Dean last winter. Rumours have come back to me that this pike was 39lbs – it seems difficult to get exact records of pike weights.

I would say the time is now. After a mild winter there should be some well fed, well conditioned females becoming heavy with spawn. River levels are now back to below 2ft as I write and clear. We have some bookings for pike missions but there are loads of booking opportunities for the rest of this month and February or just book on the day. There is almost cerainly a pike in the Legg Meadow stretch of the Courtfield which is heading for the magic 40lb mark.