April 15, 2012

Another Super River wye salmon for the Courtfield beat

At midday on Sunday 8th April Clive Peglar landed a superbly conditioned cock salmon in the region of 27lbs from the Willow pool, following his 25 pounder of the 22nd March. At 7.30pm after playing another great fish for some 10 minutes in the Willow run the hook pulled out of what may have been an even bigger fish. These fish took a prawn coloured flying c. What a shame the 2nd fish got off! It could have been the best brace of salmon caught in the British isles so far this year.

Clive Peglar's 27lb salmon

April 2, 2012

An Exceptional March 2012 salmon fishing Wyebank and Courtfield

I really could not have dreamed of a better start to the salmon season. I doubt there has been a March as good as this one since the 1980s.

The returns on Friday 30th showed Wyebank and Courtfield on 12 salmon and Wyesham on 11. The month ended with both fisheries on 12. This speaks volumes when a fishery at Lydbrook matches the top fishery at Wyesham.


Wyebank: 2 salmon both 15lbs

Courtfield 10 salmon 3 at 10lbs 2 at 15lbs 1 at 18lbs 1 at 24.5lbs 1 at 25lbs conservative estimate 1 at 27lbs 1 at 32lbs.

Also an astonishing 48 kelts between 30″ and 40″ allĀ  exceptionally well mended. I shall be writing a review on the kelts when we see the back end of them at the end of April.

The river is very low but still plenty of water coming through Lydbrook and very little growth in the ranunculus to hold it up. Good rain is forecast over the next couple of days which may help induce some more running fish and there is every chance of more twenty pounders. The total catch for the river as at the 31st was on 104 salmon caught at an average weight of 17.9lbs. The previous 5 year average was 22 fish in March with 35 caught last year.

There is caution in the camp with regards to the level of ongoing recovery this season as the national grilse run was poor last year. However Arthur Hutton in all his long years of research on the Wye was never able to demonstrate any correlation between grilse and 2SW runs other than that a good grilse run was followed by a good 2SW run, whereas a poor grilse run did not presage a poor 2SW run. I am holding onto my confidence that salmon runs are starting to rapidly improve on the Wye and that the next 8 years could show some astonishing increases in the salmon runs as we continue catch and release.