June 21, 2012

Wye barbel update Courtfield

Some good bags and some big fish have been caught this week, details will be posted tomorrow. Today we have had a rest day on the river as the party of 5 rods could’nt make it due to work and illness.

This first week has seen some very high water conditions and very coloured water. At least half a dozen barbel over 10 lbs have been reported as lost through breakages. Fishing with a lot of weight and in very heavy water for specimen barbel, particularly in those areas noted for snags and big fish, it is a must to use 15lb or heavier breaking strain at the hook. The heavier line is after all camouflaged by the heavily coloured water. It is unfortunate that there are now double figure fish possibly with hooks in their mouths. If we are to conserve a healthy stock of these magnificent Wye barbel it is vital we fish in a way which best suits the conditions.

June 20, 2012

Lower Wye Fishing on Facebook

There is a facebook page with regular updates on river heights, catches and prospects etc., for all coarse and game fishing.


June 18, 2012

Barbel catches start to pick up on Wyebank and Courtfield river Wye

With the Wye dropping here by an inch an hour the barbel have been showing more today.with 11 fish to 9.25 lbs by 1630 and a few nice chub.

There is still a fair bit of water coming in from the Lugg ststem keeping the river over the 7ft mark down through Ross but it had dropped from 7ft 4″ this morning at Lydbrook to 6ft 10″ by late afternoon. I expect it to be 5ft and below sometime tomorrow and perfect dropping level for barbel through Legg Meadow, Courtfield and at the Steps, Wyebank plus the bankside runs for trotting Wyebank.

June 17, 2012

Wyebank and Courtfield first weekend of the 2012 coarse season

Nothing dramatic to report.

Wyebank generally to high to fish excepting the steps.

Courtfield has seen a few barbel caught as at 1630 hrs Sunday. A  couple of eights to Simon Strode over the two days and a six to Jon Kraushaar’s friend Duncan. The river was at 7ft 8″ this morning having dropped a little and 9ft this evening and very thick. So far from ideal conditions. I am expecting the peak of the flood to have gone through by tomorrow lunchtime followed by a slowly falling river over Tuesday and Wednesday, with a slower fall than last week’s 13ft 6″ flood.

Only the swims along Leggs Meadow will be fishable until mid week and with falling water and groundbaiting barbel catches should build as the week goes on.

June 16, 2012

Wye Riverbank News Saturday morning 16th

Well sorry to say it is not good. Wet all night and rain forecast all day today with the gauges showing 10ft plus upriver. Legg Meadow on Courtfield is fishable today with 4 – 5ft at the moment and red as a fox from the Lugg. Wyebank is now difficult but the two rods can fish from the steps which can be potentially brilliant at this height.

Outlook for tomorrow is drying conditions at last going on through until at least Wednesday but very high water tomorrow probably on the limits of fishablity for Courtfield and only the steps fishable at Wyebank. By Wednesday levels should be dropping back to a good height and anything from 5ft down at Legg Meadow is potentially excellent.

June 15, 2012

River conditions at lydbrook on Wye on the eve of the 2012 coarse season

Further to my report of yesterday the river is now very coloured (red brown) following the rain of the last 24 hours. Levels are generally 1 metre plus all the way up river as at 18.30 hrs. Expect 3ft or more of water over the weekend. Another wet day is forecast for tomorrow and then improving for a bit. A grey slug of water is on its way down from the Ithon system which is far from ideal.

The banks are again very slippery. Great caution is needed in landing fish and I recommend fishing in pairs, particularly on Courtfield. Fishing near to the bank is likely to be the order of the day for Saturday and Sunday

Wyebank fishing is likely to be limited to bankside runs and between the Wyebank and Lower cribs, also the eddy below the Boat rock (bottom croy) Well worth trotting for chub along the bankside.

Not ideal but it makes a change to have plenty of water at the start of the season. It is too early to say what effect the floods may have had on the barbel stocks and spawning. No doubt we shall know by mid July.

June 14, 2012

Fishing report for Start of the Coarse season

This afternoon, the 14th of June, I was able to trim out the following swims along Leggs Meadow ready for the start of the coarse season.

River level at 1ft4″ from 13ft 6″ on sunday.

We have had two 13 – 14ft floods in May and June and smaller floods in April. In consequence it has been pretty impossible to get down the banks which have been very slippery and treacherous. As of this evening it is raining again and tonight’s forecasted rainfall may bring another rise.

See where to fish guide for names of the swims and their locations.

Swims 2, 3, 4, 4a, 4b, 5, 6, and 7 are all now accessible with care. swim 1 has not been trimmed around so approach this one very carefully. Swims 4a and 4b are new ones for this year.

The swims along the wood stretch are all difficult to access at the moment due to water levels but some can be got to with care.

The swims downstream from the metal steps at the boat pool to the ferry pool above the island can all be got to with care.

All of Wyebank is fishable excepting the pot below the island.

Print out the where to fish guide and take notes from this newsdesk.

Thanks to you all who have pre booked your fishing and good luck.

June 12, 2012

Latest big Wye flood charges through

After Rudi Lighert’s catch of two small springers last Thursday the river came up with a vengeance following Thursday’s rain in the Welsh hills of the western catchment. By Saturday the gauge was showing 13ft at Lydbrook which climbed slightly to 13ft 6″ by Sunday evening. Monday morning showed an astonishing drop of 10ft overnight. Having expected the river to be closed here for a week it was just about fishable along Wyebank’s left bank Monday afternoon and Tuesday showing little change in level at 3ft 4″ was nonetheless definitely fishable with more than a foot of visibility through the slightly clearing water. Courtfield is still too high but those pools that can be fished may be worth the effort tomorrow, Wednesday 13th.

There are plenty of salmon days available at present through the latter half of June  on Wyebank, but not so many on Courtfield. Anyone wanting to fish either or both of these beats should ring on 07748534782 and ask for Don. The total catch for the Wyebank and Courtfield fishery is currently 22 salmon caught and released, which rather remarkably places the fishery 3rd behind the giants Bigsweir and Wyesham.

June 12, 2012

Another good salmon week for Wyebank and Courtfield

Another six fish between Friday 1st and Thursday 7th June. An 8lb and 10lb for Don Macer-Wright on Bann shrimp last Friday from Wyebank followed by a 12lb on yellow and green devon on Saturday from Courtfield. Then a 15 pounder for Jason Conlon on Wednesday followed by two 8 pounders for Rudi Lighert on flying c, one from Courtfield and one from Wyebank on Thursday before the latest flood comes through.