June 23, 2013

Some exceptional coarse fishing at Wyebank and Courtfield on the River Wye in a quiet first week throughout the river.

The coarse season on the river Wye has started quietly. However Wyebank and Courtfield fisheries have seen some exceptional catches given the circumstances of the late spawning of barbel.

On opening day Chris Dobson took a remarkable bag of 20 barbel and 20 chub from the bottom pool of Wyebank.

“WOW June 16 again and what an afternoons fishing. After a slow start [no indications for the first 45 mins] a change of tactics was needed. Swapping to a blockend feeder loaded with hemp and a small 6mm pellet on the hair had the desired effect kickstarting an instant response. Chub after chub came to the net so a change back to pellet/groundbait feeder and I had a barbel first cast. To be honest I lost count of how many after 18 barbel they were even taking on the drop. Thank you to all at the Foundation and Don. 20 Barbel, 20 Chub”

On the 19th June the following paraphrased report went in for Wyebank. “The river was exceptionally low with clear views of the bottom through less than a foot of water well out into the middle run. The sun shone strongly all day it was possible to watch eels scouring the river bed for debris. The only fishing option was to target the stronger flow between the cribs. Trotting down with meat through the fast water produced a good number of knocks and some good chub were taken, two over six pounds. It also found the eels! Five chub. Best 8 pounds. Eels.” I haven’t been able to get confirmation on the 8 pounder but either way it must have been massive and is in the Wyebank crib pool for someone else to hunt for!!

On the Thursday the 20th John Sherbon had a high 9 and 10lb 1oz barbel from Wyebank when I saw him after lunch, his report not yet in and James Bailey and son had a pretty impressive three days after I put them on swim 13 bottom end of the wood stretch of Courtfield. Again their reports not in yet but included two 9lb and a 10lb 7oz barbel the first evening and the next day an extraordinary 10 chub weighing 39.5lbs with an average weight of 3.95lbs. These fish were 3lb 6oz, 4lb, 3lb 15oz, 3lb 7oz, 4lb 12oz, 4lb, 4lb 8oz, 4lb, 4lb, 3lb 8oz. Their barbel bag included the 10 pounder plus 4 sixes, 3 sevens, 4 eights and 3 nines, 15 barbel over 6lbs by mid morning Thursday.

Then on Friday Ned Glover landed an 11lb 13oz barbel from the shut run on Home Fishery proving mine and Rudi’s points that this was potentially excellent water for good barbel! Today, Sunday 23rd June John Harding reported a bag of 10 barbel to 10lbs 14oz between midday yesterday and 3pm this afternoon and 6 chub to 5lbs.

Swim 13 of Courtfield see where to fish guide has produced 25 excellent barbel and 16 excellent chub. I think its the place to be at the moment on the Courtfield waters!

River Wye Courtfield Ned Glover's 11lb 13oz barbel 21/06/13