Booking Pages open for 2014 on Wye and Usk Foundation

Booking pages for 2014 are now open for Wyebank, Courtfield,Thomas Wood and Home fishery on Wye and Usk Foundation Booking Office.

Without any question Wyebank was the most prolific fishery in the early part of 2013 coarse season with barbel to over 13lbs, Courtfield wood stretch was very good and Home and Thomas Wood will have more swims cleared for 2014. The bottom and top end of Home has produced some excellent fishing with three or more barbel over 11lbs. Chub to 6lbs caught from all beats except Thomas Wood and Wyebank produced three over 6lb in one day with one estimated at 8lb which was no doubt more than 7lb. This one caught from Wyebank crib, where a barbel weighed at over 13lb 4oz was caught some years ago. Whatever the general fishermens’ view Wyebank is without question the beat that produces the biggest barbel on the 3.5 miles of river bank of Lower Wye Fishing based on records of past 5 years along with the biggest chub and dace, but Courtfield produces the most double figure by far on this part of the river.

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