February 22, 2013

Some more fantastic fish from 2012

These are good barbel from the Ferry Pool in 6-8ft of water caught by Andrew Tams 8th July

A good Wye barbel Courtfield 2012

Another high 9 pounder from Ferry Pool Andy Tams

Rudi’s daughter Megan with two cracking fish, showing Dad how to do it.

Megan's big chub

A lovely chub from courtfield caught by Megan Lighert

Megan's 10lb 2oz Wye barbel from Courtfield

Megan Lighert's 10lb 2oz Wye barbel from Courtfield

Andy's 10lb Courtfield barbel fishing with guide Kenny Parsons

Paul's 9.5 lb Courtfield Wye barbel fishing with guide Kenny Parsons

Andy and Paul land river Wye Courtfield barbel at the same time with guide Kenny Parsons

Richard Donnelly with a fine specimen 10lbs 40z barbel from Courtfield 2012 from a bag of nine fish.

March 1, 2012

Back in Action

After a prolonged dead spell of fishing between late November and mid February, with only a relatively small number of pike caught to 20lbs and a huge pike lost, both the barbel and chub have been coming on the feed since the 17th of February, kicking off with a magnificent brace of barbel at 11lbs and 10lbs3oz caught by Paul Haydon from Exeter. Chub around the 3lb mark and a brace of fish in the 5lb class have been caught over the last week. Adam Tobin had a great bag of 5 barbel including 2 sevens, 2 eights and a 10lb4oz fish last Saturday. That is a great catch for the time of year! Jonathan Avery and his Dad from Cadbury Tackle had a good brace of barbel and lost two others on Tuesday 28th.

The top end swims in Legg Meadow have been the favourites, down to the Bay above the alders. The wood bottom end is also producing. I suspect that barbel will be found throughout the fishery so check the where to fish guide and bring a print out with you, when you come fishing.

I shall be away next week but can always be contacted on 07748534782

Now is the time to make the best of the end of season sport which promises to pick up well over the last fortnight as the fish feed to get into spawning condition. Bookings are coming in pretty fast for Courtfield but there are plenty of days still available on Wyebank which is now getting to a good fishing level as the river falls away and not much rain about at the moment.

Tight lines


December 4, 2011

Rudi’s fishing successes

Rudi’s had a good year for fishing, here are a selection of his fish from the year.

Rudi lives locally and is perfectly placed to keep an eye on the Wyebank and Courtfield fisheries and he helps me enormously by looking after fishermen and watching for poachers. He fishes both beats regularly and is very well acquainted with the best places to catch fish. As the feedback pages for both Wyebank and Courtfield show he has had some superb fishing this year, with quality chub, barbel and pike. These pike pictures, in particular,  are stunning and show the wonderful colouration of healthy Wye pike.

Beautiful Chub caught on the Courtfield water

Another good sized Chub for Rudi

Barbel caught on the Leggs Meadow beat in September

9lb 12oz Barbel from Courtfield

Typical Courtfield beat pike

Beautiful Pike caught on Courtfield

Big Pike caught from Courtfield

November 9, 2011

Couple of more fish for Roger Knife

Here’s a couple more beautiful fish caught by Roger Knife and friend on the Courtfield water.

10lb 5oz Barbel from Leggs Meadow

9lb and 14oz Barbel

November 8, 2011

Kraig Mcleod’s fish

12 and a half Pound Barbel

It got to be worth starting with the best! This is Kraig’s 12 and a half pound whooper caught from The Legg Meadow! I think the smile on his face says it all.

10lb Barbel

Kraig said “that day i had 5 chub, 4 caught before i had any barbel. then i had 7 barbel two 10s one smack on 10lb, one 10.4lb. two 7+. two 5/6+. the big one was 12.8lb. i only weighed the doubles but Ive had plenty of 7s before. we checked the weights against my friends scales to make sure the scales were correct, he also had similar amounts of fish, fishing right next to me including doubles. I’m sure i beat the 12.8lb the night i met you but my brother had taken my scales but it looked BiG!!! HUGE mouth. the night i met you i had 8 or 9 barbel mainly between 4pm and 11.30pm 5 chub i left to go home at around 12/ 12.30.”

Another Barbel

Just landed Barbel


Shining in the flashlight - night time Barbel

November 6, 2011

Roger Knife’s Barbel 2011

Here is a selection of the Barbel caught by Roger Knife and Oli Dormer throughout the summer and autumn on Courtfield. They ranged in size from 6lb 2oz through to 10lbs 3oz, including eight 8 pounders and six 9 pounders.  His season’s catch illustrates the steady growth of the 8lb class of fish in June through to 9lbs in August, which have shown up in September/October’s catches as 10lb Barbel which have been caught in significant numbers.

8lb 2oz Barbel

8lb 11oz Barbel from the Wood Stretch

8lb 13oz Barbel

8lb 15oz Barbel from Legg Meadow

9lb 4oz Barbel from the Wood Stretch

9lb 6oz Barbel

9lb 12oz Barbel

10lb 3oz Barbel

Thanks to Roger Knife for the use of his great photos.

October 24, 2011

Shaun Hodges of Hinders leash of 10lb barbel

Tuesday the 18th October was one of the last days for memorable catches, with Wyebank producing a good bag for Adriano Mercato and friend, including barbel to 8lb plus and chub to 6.25 lbs and Courtfield producing a good bag of barbel and a great get together for Dean Macey, Les Westbeach, Nigel Botherway and Shaun Hodges.

Shaun, the manager of tackle shop Hinders of Swindon took the day with three consecutive ten pound barbel at 10lbs, 10lb 4oz and 10lb 8oz. These were caught on Hinders Blitz boilies wrapped in Blitz paste with Hinders Barbel Bomb in the feeder, proving in Nigel Botherway’s words that Hinders of Swindon “sell the best barbel bait known to man.”

10lb 8oz Barbel

Another beautiful 10lb plus fish

The third of the 10lb plus Barbels

After a fantastic run of doubles over the past few weeks it looks like the barbel fishing is winding down now.

October 21, 2011

Dean, Ali and Richard on the River

Dean Macey, Ali Hamidi and Richard Stewart had a day on both Wyebank and Courtfield as part of a feature for TV for Improve your Coarse Fishing Magazine.  In Dean’s own words  “it was by far the most productive days barbel fishing that Ive ever had“!

Below are some of the pictures taken by Richard for the magazine article

Ali hooked into a fish

Dean hooked into another!

Bringing a Barbel in

Ali with a lovely fish

Dean with a large chub

Another chub for Dean

Ali with another Barbel!

Dean in amongst the Water Buttercup with a Barbel

October 21, 2011

Peter’s Barbel from Courtfield

In late September Peter Foster and his friend Richard fished Courtfield, the photo is of Peter’s largest Barbel at 10lb 3oz.  Other fish caught that day were, as Peter describes; “I had just the five barbel – three sevens, a 9-11 and the 10-3 – a very good average for the Wye, I would say.  Richard had even more success later in the day at Courtfield”

He added in an email “Just a brief note to show my appreciation for your lovely stretch of river.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day’s fishing, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet you, too.”- Thanks Peter it’s always good to know that people enjoy their fishing on the stretches.

Peter's barbel resting in his net

It is great to have pictures of fish so that they can be seen fully but it is nicer to see the fish back in the water too!

October 21, 2011

Phil’s 10lb 12oz Barbel from Courtfield

This was Phil Brumhills amazing fish from Courtfield, caught mid October 2011

10lb 12 oz Barbel from Courtfield