March 1, 2012

Back in Action

After a prolonged dead spell of fishing between late November and mid February, with only a relatively small number of pike caught to 20lbs and a huge pike lost, both the barbel and chub have been coming on the feed since the 17th of February, kicking off with a magnificent brace of barbel at 11lbs and 10lbs3oz caught by Paul Haydon from Exeter. Chub around the 3lb mark and a brace of fish in the 5lb class have been caught over the last week. Adam Tobin had a great bag of 5 barbel including 2 sevens, 2 eights and a 10lb4oz fish last Saturday. That is a great catch for the time of year! Jonathan Avery and his Dad from Cadbury Tackle had a good brace of barbel and lost two others on Tuesday 28th.

The top end swims in Legg Meadow have been the favourites, down to the Bay above the alders. The wood bottom end is also producing. I suspect that barbel will be found throughout the fishery so check the where to fish guide and bring a print out with you, when you come fishing.

I shall be away next week but can always be contacted on 07748534782

Now is the time to make the best of the end of season sport which promises to pick up well over the last fortnight as the fish feed to get into spawning condition. Bookings are coming in pretty fast for Courtfield but there are plenty of days still available on Wyebank which is now getting to a good fishing level as the river falls away and not much rain about at the moment.

Tight lines


December 4, 2011

Rudi’s fishing successes

Rudi’s had a good year for fishing, here are a selection of his fish from the year.

Rudi lives locally and is perfectly placed to keep an eye on the Wyebank and Courtfield fisheries and he helps me enormously by looking after fishermen and watching for poachers. He fishes both beats regularly and is very well acquainted with the best places to catch fish. As the feedback pages for both Wyebank and Courtfield show he has had some superb fishing this year, with quality chub, barbel and pike. These pike pictures, in particular,  are stunning and show the wonderful colouration of healthy Wye pike.

Beautiful Chub caught on the Courtfield water

Another good sized Chub for Rudi

Barbel caught on the Leggs Meadow beat in September

9lb 12oz Barbel from Courtfield

Typical Courtfield beat pike

Beautiful Pike caught on Courtfield

Big Pike caught from Courtfield

October 21, 2011

Courtfield Catches, 13th October 2011

Jonathon Avery, his Dad and his boss Dan from Cadbury Angling came and enjoyed the Courtfield water.  Here are some of their catches.

8lb 12oz Barbel

10lb 6oz Barbel

5lb 4oz Chub

Barbel caught on one of the Legg Meadow swims

Another great Barbel

Pike caught on Legg Meadow swim