June 20, 2012

Lower Wye Fishing on Facebook

There is a facebook page with regular updates on river heights, catches and prospects etc., for all coarse and game fishing.


April 15, 2012

Another Super River wye salmon for the Courtfield beat

At midday on Sunday 8th April Clive Peglar landed a superbly conditioned cock salmon in the region of 27lbs from the Willow pool, following his 25 pounder of the 22nd March. At 7.30pm after playing another great fish for some 10 minutes in the Willow run the hook pulled out of what may have been an even bigger fish. These fish took a prawn coloured flying c. What a shame the 2nd fish got off! It could have been the best brace of salmon caught in the British isles so far this year.

Clive Peglar's 27lb salmon

March 20, 2012

Salmon by the day

As at dusk yesterday evening, the 19th of March, 26 salmon have been caught and safely released on Wyebank and Courtfield, of which 8 have been fresh run and 18 have been kelts. All, excepting one 15lb fresh run salmon from Wyebank, have come from the Courtfield water.

The kelts have been upto 40″ in length (27lbs pre spawning prime) and the fresh salmon upto 42.5″, 32lbs plus on the conversion charts. This has been a staggering start to the 2012 salmon season on the Wyebank and Courtfield fishery and surpasses all previous records for many decades for this water.

Jason Conlon's magnificent 27 lb large springer

Rudi Lighert set it all alight again yesterday with a 15lb fresh fish followed by a huge 42-43″ cock salmon from Legg Meadow estimated at 32lbs plus.

These extraordinary results give  8 fish at an average weight of 20.7lbs. Quite remarkable.

Again I cannot stress how good the condition of all the kelts is and how it augurs for a good sea run of healthy feeding kelts which will add to the stock of large fish over the next couple of years.

Wyebank is the challenging water for the fly fisherman and I have no doubt that fish are lying in the pools and runs.

The river is now dropping sharply with the continued dry weather and although there are undoubtedly plenty of fresh fish still to catch the water temperatures will be rising soon and we may have another week or two before they start to colour up. Everyone dreams of catching a great salmon so now is the time to do it.

October 20, 2011

Courtfield Salmon, April 2011

This is Rudi’s Salmon from 5th April 2011. Caught from the boat pool,bottom of steel steps, on a yellow flying C. It was 38″ long and had sea lice.

Spring Salmon from the Courtfield Beat

October 20, 2011

Fish Catches Gallery Update

Over the next few days we will be posting a number of photos of fish catches from this year, this will hopefully go to start a guide to the fish that lie within the Courtfield and Wyebank beats.  Where possible we will include detail of the fish and where they were caught.  Anyone fishing or who has fished on our beats with photos of catches that they are willing to share please do send them in.