River Wye Courtfield, what a day for running fish

What a day yesterday proved to be. Perfect conditions except for the subtly rising river which can probably be blamed for the failure of 4 fishermen to catch anything. The ferry pool, willow run and Craig y Heul run all had fish showing. Clive between 3.30 and 4.30 never saw so many fish. I was talking to him at 3.25 at the metal steps when he said he had seen absolutely nothing all day. it was then 13 degrees, clear water and started raining lightly but not drizzle. I saw a rise and a head show and said there you go, followed by two more. Clive legged it down I got Ocean, my rising 5 yr old son from the car and went down to watch. Fish started rising regularly and head and tailing in front of us. Left Clive to it and saw him later. He saw at least 20 good fish, small springers and big, head and tail and generally show but couldn’t interest anything! Rene saw fish in the ferry pool and Craig y Heul run early morning but no takers. Clive has never experienced anything like it.
If your line is not in the water you won’t catch fish, if it is you probably won’t, if you do you are either lucky, its a perfect moment, or a falling river and fish have arrived Very recently, or you are a very clever salmon fishermen. They say salmon are free takers on the Wye. Well not always so! I am pretty convinced salmon are in there most of the time and that most of the time they will not take. Not that many years ago they would start prawn fishing about now and that was pretty deadly, we’ve moved on!

I am pretty convinced that for Courtfield we need a rise of only a few inches at 1ft of water which will bring salmon up the long shallows and through the Lydbrook rapids into the ferry pool. If the water drops rapidly they will stay there and if it drops back quickly to 6″ or less Courtfield and Craig y Heul will have a bonanza. If it stays around a foot but drops slowly I think they will move into Legg Meadow pool and rest up there as demonstrated last week.

This week I hope to finish clearing willow at the pipes and alders bottom end of Legg meadow pool but with 2ft 2″ today I doubt we shall reap the benefits of this run, that will be the luck of beats above, between us and Hereford and I think up to Glasbury miay be seeing fish by tomorrow.

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