Wyebank Game fishing

Season concurrent with Environment Agency Bylaws

Salmon and Trout  day rods/tickets available through the Wye and Usk Foundation Wyebank Beat Page. Day tickets for 2013 are £35 per person, a percentage of which goes to the Foundation to help with their fantastic works.

Season rods for 2013 unlimited access  for Courtfield, Wyebank, Home and Thomas Wood at £675/person).  They are purchased direct from Don Macer-Wright.

As everyone knows, Salmon fishing continues to be difficult on the river Wye. however the Courtfield always offers a chance of a fish at any time of the season to both fly or spinning.  The fishery is well placed at the upper end of the Lower River Wye fisheries.

Whereas day tickets allow fishermen to be on the water with the best chance of catching fish, the season ticket holder, has unlimited 7 day a week access to try for a very large springer up to June 16th and an undoubted advantage. After June 17th until end of season there are 16 day tickets which can be taken at any time  subject to vacancies on Wyebank booking page.

Wyebank offers wonderful fly fishing water throughout its length. Although it is only a few hundred yards long there is a chance of taking a fish anywhere throughout its length and has two good cribs and a croy and numerous lies and a good holding pool at the bottom end.  Season tickets from  “Lower Wye Fishing” are realistically priced to give a significant discount on over 1,000 pounds worth of fishing, if fishermen were to fish every week of the season. The rod system also allows for salmon fishermen to book up for a holiday of fishing for a number of consecutive days or a week. During the coarse season the ticket includes barbel fishing which is generally regarded as second to none.

Trout fishing is always an option on Wyebank and it has typical trout water throughout, which in low water can be comparable to a large chalk stream in appearance and character. Fly hatches including grannom, olives, mayfly and sedge can be excellent.   Sea Trout although scarce can be caught during daylight hours throughout the season.  They can be very large.

To see examples of fish caught on this beat follow this link to our Game Fish Gallery blogs